A Bear is Born

Audio for this story is here

This story begins like most other stories that involve a bear and his animal friends; once upon a time. Except you see, this time is special because it’s not just another bear story. No, this is the story about a bear that can do anything or be anything. His life is full of adventure, mystery, laughter, questions, excitement, and more. Of course, this all started on the day this particular bear was born.

You see, on the day of his birth there was a great celebration in the forest. All of the animals had come together to honor the return of their king from his long journey and quest to help other lands and kingdoms. Except this was no ordinary party nor was this an ordinary king. This king was wise, kind, gentle, and powerful. And on this day he decided to give the forest and all of its animals a gift. In the midst of the celebration with music playing and animals from all parts of the forest dancing and eating together the king used his powers to transform the forest. A wave of color and light from the sky came down like a gust of wind and rushed through the trees. What once looked like a normal, dark, brown and green forest suddenly became a brilliant spectacle full of shining colors. The waters became crystal clear. Light was everywhere as if everything was glowing. And all of the animals from bears and lions to squirrels and even the bugs became happy and started to get along. There was no more growling or roaring or fighting. It was at this exact moment that a mama and papa bear off in the distance where the noise from the party was quieter welcomed a new baby bear to their cave. Just as he was born their cave was transformed by the king’s powers.

From his very first day, all he’s known is the Shiny Forest and the amazing things that have occurred since that time. This is the life and story of Andrew Bear.

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