The Amazon Echo has number of voice-activated commands you can make use of. Here are a few of our commonly used ones:

Our Echo is programmed to respond to ‘echo.’


  • Set a timer
  • Tell a joke
  • Good morning (provides a summary for the morning)
  • What is my flash briefing? (reads a Bible story for kids and says the weather)
  • Sing a song
  • Kitchen questions such as how many cups are in a quart

Lighting Control

  • Turn on the living room lamp


Our Plex server is connected to the Echo. Here are some useful commands:

  • Tell Plex to play Fisher Price Sunday School Sing Along
  • Tell Plex to play movie/song/show
  • Tell Plex to pause
  • Ask Plex what was recently added?

For more Plex commands, go here:


To our knowledge, the Echo cannot control Netflix content. Please use our Roku remote or app for Netflix :)